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re: To the great community of OBM


  Update: I will be in vent and in-game all day if anyone has any concerns or wants to discuss anything about this post before the meeting on Friday.


      It has been a fun, wonderful, and turbulent 2 years. I am proud of our community and the things we were able to accomplish together. I respect all of you and consider all of you my friends. That is why I am not waiting until Friday's meeting to give my opinion and the direction of OBM I would like to see. I posted in the Officer's forums 2 days ago on the 3 choices we have to decide on and they are:


1. Appoint a new Guild Leader and try to grow the Guild again as we have tried for 2 years.

2. Merge with a larger Guild enhancing their community with ours and making an even larger successful community.

3. Disband and groups and/or individuals can decide what is best for them.


     We have beat #1 like a one-legged dog and let's be honest and true with one another. Several times we got to the cusp of what we wanted and within a month or 2 were rebuilding again for 2 years straight.

     I am going to skip to #3 because I dislike it so much. As a community we still were able to accomplish a lot even though we were continuously rebuilding and trying to make things work. We made a lot of great and wonderful friendships during those 2 years. We as a group have a lot to offer another Guild.

    Which brings us to #2 and the best decision in my opinion. We can keep our core of what made us great as a community and help enhance an established community. I for one would like us to stay together and accomplish the goals a lot of us wanted to see and strived for. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, but that does not mean we have to split and go separate ways. We can still accomplish the things we set out for, just in a different capacity and in a more constructive way in a larger Guild.


    As far as OBM goes it will be put to one of the founders young alts and lay dormant (most likely one of mine as I have several.) I feel it should stay in a founders hands and not be turned over to anyone else. I really have not thought about ORM (our empire sister guild) but most likely the same thing will happen or just let it go as it was really just something we barely dabbled with.


   I will also be recommending that we join a great group of people from the Guild of SoF. Most of us have been in runs with them when we were doing 16 mans as a partnership. We already have a partnership that was and is still successful of having people from both Guilds filling in here and there. They also have a larger community and with us will be even larger. It will open the door to the things we tried to accomplish but never had enough people to do them and as always for those achievement hounds more full game experience.

    Contact has already been made on our community joining SoF and anyone that is interested in staying together and accomplishing the many goals we set out for as a community, SoF has already said their door is open for any and all that want to join. I understand this may be a hard pill to swallow for some, but all in all, this is the best chance for us to stay together and grow together with SoF and get the most out of this game that it has to offer.


Thank you all for the great memories and hopefully many more together

Noob, aka Itsallmine, aka Dave.

P.S. as another smuggler would say, "just run around in circles and kill shit."


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