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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Howdy OBM! This is Rodie the Rodian reporting on all that is the AWESOMENESS of OBM!


OBM says farewell to our fearless leader and others.....

At last nights guild meeting it was announced that D'laan and a few others will be stepping down, and out of OBM for the forseeable future. One of those others, will be yours truly, Rodie himself. Our GM would like to wish everyone the Best of Luck and continued success to the guild that he and I, along with Itsallmine, Blindfear, and Ingawa, started up months before the launch of the game. It has been a wonderful two + years in this guild and we take with us, nothing but the good memories. D'laan will be departing from the galaxy on a somewhat permanent basis, but Rodie will be hangin' around going solo for a bit, so who knows, you may see him boppin' around on fleet. Also mentioned to be leaving is Rhyas, there was no mention to whether or not if he is leaving the galaxy or doing the solo walkabout as this was not clear. And to be honest, I don't even know. It was such a great pleasure to have been associated with great people like Itsallmine, Garpino, Viper and Niobe, Waniden, Ursa, Vixur, Wikken, VJ, Zated, Aydenn, Ziiri, Hadris, Jubo, Noxer, Lumee, Syri'a, Her Supreme Highness Demma, Hidde, Sneaky, Ro, Phaelix, Anova, Glo, Reveon, Blindfear, Anticrash, Aprisa, Pompino, Ingawa, Plo, and too all the rest that escape my mind at the moment!

Rodie will be on with OBM until the end of the week, trying to wrap up things like vent, the website, schedules, and guild member commitments and he will be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to talk about stuff!

After the meeting, OBM met to complete Operation Tuesday with a clean run through SM DF, Wanidan reminded those Council members who were participating that they would like to meet on Friday before the Ops run to discuss the direction of the guild...

Patch 2.6

If you were on yesterday, then you know that Patch 2.6 launched with new changes to a few classes, in particular to Jedi Knight vigilance, Trooper Combat Medic, and the big pow nerg to Fly by for Smugglers!

That is all for now folks! And perhaps for the last time, this is Rodie the Rodian, signin' off! Peace!


Hey Guys! click this link to gaze into the future of what SWTOR has instore for you! New Flashpoints, new SFG zones and ships roles! New Tier gear!!! Enjoy!



Hey all, sorry for the late notice, but there will be an emergency Guild Meeting tonight at 7:00PM EST...Really hope to see you on, if not, I'm sure the result of the meeting will be communicated in one form or another. Thanks!


New Hard Mode Operation Direction:

Last week, the Council members met to discuss the state of our HM Operation team and together, decided that we need to re-look at certain key points in order to progress through these runs. We realize that people's schedules change from time to time and although there were many painstaking discussions in the past to get our HM runs off the ground, there is now a need to start from square one in order to give anyone who's interested an oppurtunity. So....the first thing that we would like to do is, to ask everyone, or at least everyone who participates in Operations, either Hard mode or Story mode, to put down their info in a new thread located in our Blue Milke Cafe. Please put the following information on that thread:

The Day(s) of the Week you can raid: (this does not mean you will be raiding or expected to raid  on all of the days you put down)

The Time of Day you can raid: (Please use Server time or EST)

How Many Days you can raid in a Week: (this does not mean that you will raid these many days, except those who want to)

List your Mains/Alts that you want to participate in raids: (Please list toon name and job, but ONLY if you want to raid with those toons)


Once this new information is gathered, the Council will then begin a new process to re-work our HM Ops teams with our Open Raid teams.



Last Monday saw great success with our OBM Operation runs...the HM team downed Bestia, in HM Dread Palace, only after our second full run in that Ops,  while our Tuesday night Ops ran through SM DF and TC, before completing a full run in SnV. Our Friday night team downed SM DP and took on SM TfB for comms, then HM TfB for gear!

Notable contributors on Tuesday night team were Ziiri who led our tanking corps, while Garpino supported the Friday night run by using Garperina to heal HM TfB with Zeer, giving Bayal and Corzan a night off to tank and dps. What a great night of fun was had by all participating teams this past week!

Sign up are still avaialbe for Tuesday and Friday nights raids! Please help the Council out by signing up early so that there is less distraction the night of the Ops runs!

Starfighter Wednesday:

Ursarojam was our brave fighter pilot on Wednesday, as he took on the Imperials by himself, leaving the Empire in his dust! For those interested, please don't forget to help out the cause this Wednesday!

PvP Saturday:

Rodie was a bad Rodian, as he did not have a report on this my spies...err...reporters updates me, i will update you all!


That is all to report on this week folks! As usual, if there are any updates, rest assured you will find it here first! In the meantime, this is Rodie the Rodian, signin'off! Peace!



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