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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


With a Whiz and Bang! That's right, this Rodian always shoots first! This is Rodie the Rodian reporting to ya with all things OBM....



Attention Council Members, please read the Council Forums, your opinions/comments are needed!


(UPDATE): Apparently, yesterdays Rodie did not publish so here I am, trying to piece meal it back together.


Rakghoul Plague:

Ah, yes! This sentimental event has returned but this time on Alderaan! For those interested, you will find new dailies and reputation to gain as well as new titles and rewards! Even if you have no interest in this event, please try and get to Outsider with T.H.O.R.N. (2500 rep) so that when OBM participates in the Operation boss, you will have access to the quest rewards. If you do not, you may still participate, but you will just have access to the loot.


Last Monday, the 'new' HM du jour team went at HM Dread Fortress and took out the usual suspects before stopping at Corruptor Zero. There were some great attempts and this week would have seen perhaps a downing of CZ, but other plans stalled this attempt. But, that is for next week! There you have it folks, a sneak peek into next week's Rodie! ;-) After stopping at CZ it was off to attempt Bestia and with our second good look, Bestia seemed very attainable with this group.

On Tuesday, OBM's open raiders rushed through NiM EV for the title for a few new and returning members, then it was off to complete a full SM Dread Fortress in record time!

On Friday, the team met at the Dread Palace and with new tank Aydenn in tow, completed a clean run through the Ops! Mind you now, Aydenn was rocking Rakata gear, so this was a monumental task on his part, and he stood up to the challenge! Both new tanks, Ziiri and Aydenn seem to have it going on with their respective toons, now if we can just get them both on together! Prior to taking out the Dread Council, OBM shifter gears to Alderaan and met the Eyeless for the first time and easily took him down on SM. A couple of attempts on HM to wet our whistle was in order ofcourse, but was set aside for the other runs.

PvP Saturday

PvP Saturday was led by Kheltaras as OBM would like to support this new event. PvP Saturdays will be posted going forward for those interested in sigining up and kickin' some Imperial booty.

Starfighter Wednesday

Another new event OBM has added is Starfighter Wednesday. This is being led by Garpino and company and for those interested in joining his crew, please feel free to sign up on the raid calendar to roll some starfighter deliciousness!

Sign ups for all raids are now available, please feel free to secure a spot on the next few runs!


That's it for this week Guys and Gals....speaking of gals, has anyone seen our Princess Demma? In any case, if there are any updates, rest assured you will find the post here first! This is Rodie the Rodian, signin'off! Peace!

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