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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Holà Folks! This is your favorite reporter coming to you with another edition of In the News!



OBM Would like to welcome Ziiri to the guild. Ziiri is a Jedi Guardian and is returning to the game after taking some time off right after the Hutt Cartel expansion was brought out. Please make sure that everyone welcomes Ziiri when you see him in game.

Furthermore: OBM had another blast from the past show up in the guise of Anova! That's right, Anova stopped by to say hello and to check out all of the new things that the game has to offer, and even though he said he was just visiting, Nova' was on the next day doing some levelling....Welcome back Anova!!!!


Last week saw the return of OBM's normal Operation runs and although we did not field 16 mans, the two 8 man runs were a blast nevertheless!

On Tuesday, the 8 man group decided to take on story mode dread fortress with seven people as we waited for the eighth man to show up, who was running late. The Magnificient Seven rode into Fortress and systematically took out each boss one by one! The entire team was clicking on all cylinders and some great loot was well earned! By 8:15, our eighth man showed up and it was off to HM Dread Fortress. Since this is a new HM team, it was back to square one with learning the fights and understanding the responsibilities of each role; nevertheless, Nefra went down with no issues. Our next attempt will no doubt see OBM back to working on CZ and company.

HM Team will be running tonight....please be prepared!

Signups for Tuesday's runs are still available, two spots left!

On Friday, OBM was on FIRE! With a staunch 8 man team, we went into Dread Palace and took out every boss in the house! After the dread masters were gone, it was onto changing things up to hm TC. 8 man TC was never in the cards for us before, but Friday was a clean one shot with no issues top to bottom, what a great run that was! Since the night was going so smoothly, it was now off to HM TfB, and since this night was the first DPS Operations for Corzan, a little snafu happened here and Cor getting the first debuff from Writhing Horror and cleansing it right off of him, smack dab in the middle of the other ranged DPS! Or, after cleansing the debuff and moving, Cor moved right into the flower bed, even tough he wasn't the first DPS to be in the flower bed O.o....after that attempt, everything went smoothly until we called it for the night....I'm sure everyone who particpated had a great time, lots of comms and gear, and prepared to do it again this Friday night!

Sign ups for Friday are now available!


Garpino and Khel led the charge into some more Galactic Star Fighter matches, I hear that the Souls of Fate guys and gals have been doing a lot of matches as well. Garp went up against those guys last week, but the SoF team was camoflauged under thier alt toons!


That's it for this week folks! As usual, if there are any updates, it will be added here first, so check back as the week progresses! In the meantime, this is Rodie the Rodian, signin'off! Peace!

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