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Corzan Dex
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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Hey Guys and Gals! Rodie here, and I'm coming at you with all things OBM!



For those interested in raiding this FRIDAY, please remember, you must get to Outsider with T.H.O.R.N. (2500 rep) so that you can gain access to the quest and gain the rewards for downing Eyeless. You may not be able to complete the required rep in one day with one toon. You may need to complete all the quests on one character, then just the starting quest on a second toon in order to get the rep required for the quest. If you choose not to complete the pre-requisites, you may still enter the Raid area, but you will not be able to get credit for the quest and its rewards, but you will still be able to roll on loot drops provided by the boss.



Rakghoul Outbreak is confirmed on the planet of Alderaan, for those of you who missed out on the first year, now's your chance! There will be new events for this round of the Outbreak as well for all you old school members. Let's see if it takes Khel two more months after the event is over to stop trying to infect people!


New Members:

Last week, OBM welcomed Ziiri to the guild and this week, we would like to welcome Aydenn to OBM. Aydenn is a returning player with a Jedi Guardian tank, and yours truly had the oppurtunity to roll with Aydenn before our HM run last night. Word is, that both Ziiri and Aydenn are very complete players and both are solid tanks. OBM will work on gearing them up, perhaps tonight, if they are interested!

New Council Members:

OBM would like to Congratulate Waniden and Ursarojam as our newest Council members! OBM's Council members are charged with the healthy promotion of the guild, to ensure that any guild members who have grievances can be heard and finally, most importantly, to make sure that OBM is having FUN! Waniden and Ursa joins D'laan (GM), Quenuss, Rhyas, Garpino, Itsallmine, and Corzan to complete the council. Saying goodbye to the council is Noxer; while currently on sabatical, to get his eyes fixed, Itsallmine.


The theme as we started this new year was recruit. This hasn't changed much, but I would like to talk about a few things to keep in mind when we do recruit. First of all, let's remember that OBM is a community first, and we are built on friendships that have been forged through this game we call SWTOR. We need to look out for each and everyone who comes to our guild so that they become a part of this community. Second, when we recruit, be upfront with new applicants, our current status is that we are rebuilding back to forming either two 8 mans or a 16 man as we had before the holidays. Lastly, keep in mind that if you have any friends or family members, that they are also welcome.

Guild Events:

Recently, a very well respected guild member approached me and asked why is OBM so one dimensional? All we do is raid.....I thought that that was a fantastic point! My response was that when we have asked the guild, or even when we planned an event, there was little turn out. In fact, the comment that we get most is, when are we going to do Hard Modes! Raiding is great, it builds community, and comaraderie, not to mention that you get all that phat loot, lol, but....OBM should be putting more effort into building a guild that supports all facets of the game. Currently, we have PvP Saturdays that's holding on by a hair's breath, and then we have two really strong members interested in Galactic Starfighter. What else can we do? I am challenging OBM to respond to this column, send me in game email, or pull me into vent so that we can brainstorm things that we all want to do. In the meantime, I will be placing guild events up on the calendar in the hopes that it will spawn some support!


OBM is rolling along with our weekly Operation runs, as you know, our members who are interested in Hard modes, run on Friday and Monday, while our open Operations have been always on Tuesday and Fridays. With a recent loss to a few members on the HM team, our raiding has been a hodge podge of late. OBM always does, we have FUN in whatever we do.

Our Monday HM run had success getting to Corruptor Zero, then headed into Dread Palace to take a look at Bestia. The Bestia fight, after a few adjustments seems doable with a little more practice. OBM was able to get Bestia well into the third phase before calling it a night.

Our Tuesday night Ops team, breezed through Dread Fortress SM, then headed to HM SnV and got as far as Thrasher before calling it a night! There are still TWO SIGN UPS available for tonight's run!

Our Friday night team blasted through SM Dread Palace in record time! We then moved over to Makeb and took out 8 man HM Toborro's Courtyard, then finished the night with 8 man TfB through Operator IX. SIGN UPS for Friday are still available!

I must say, it was a great time, lots of comms, and loot....let's keep it going!


That's it for this week folks! As always, if there is OBM news, it will be posted here first! This is Rodie the Rodian, signin'off! Peace!


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Aydenn Stewart
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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Thank you for the very warm welcome!  I have very much been enjoying my time here and everyone has been fantastic.  I love hanging out in Vent and playing the game while talking with other guildies in Vent.  Gar and Kher are always there and even if we aren't grouping up, we still have a blast talking about the game while we do our own things!  Thanks for having me!

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