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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is Rodie the Rodian wishing every OBM member, a yule tide greeting from a galaxy far, far, away...


UPDATE: OBM will resume it's normal course of action beginning Jan 6th 2014...we hope that everyone enjoyed their deserved time off and look forward to a great new start for all of us!

Officer's mtg on 1/6/14....7:00pm EST



Last week was the last scheduled Operation runs for this year...and fortunately, Tuesday night was filled with a ton of fun as OBM knocked out Dread Fortress SM and SnV up to Thrasher to obtain some comms. Friday night however, proved that this time of merriment and family took priority as their were not enough interest in running our run...With 9 members on, two of which had other things going and the rest of the 7 members were a part of the hard mode team, OBM decided to reach out to SoF, and Mishala joined the group and helped down Nefra, Draxus and Grob'Thok. It was also a landmark night as OBM finally got to the second phase of the Corruptor Zero fight, and with a little more tuning, an tweaking, should get CZ down the next time! Another highlight of the evening was having Itsallmine pop into our vent servers! Unfortunately, it sounded as though Its' eye surgery cannot come too soon, as he has been struggling with his vision, even moreso than before. OBM would like to wish Its a speedy recovery!

New Council Members:

With the guild continuing to grow,  the OBM council has proposed to conduct interviews of perspective members to increase the voice of the guild. There is a shortlist of names that D'laan and the council will be conducting interviews with, but if you feel that you have a great desire to help lead this guild, please feel free to /tell D'laan your interest. If you receive an interview, this does not mean that you will be selected as a Council member, as we cannot take everyone at this time, but anyone interested in helping the guild move forward into the new year is always a great asset! If you do not see D'laan on , please feel free to send him in game mail as a backup plan.

That's all for this week, y'all! This is Rodie the Rodian, signin'off! Peace!

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