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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Howdy Folks! Lite week last week, but that doesn't mean OBM sat back and let the galaxy pass us by! Let's talk about it, shall we?


Today is patch day and with the patch comes update 2.5.1: Life Day Celebrations and also the return of the Gree Event! New currencies for Life day so make sure you buy your snowballs and throw them at each other or your companions!


Wedding Week:

OBM would like to wish our very own Princess Demma a BIG Congratulations to her daughter's wedding this week!


Operation PvP:

Looks like our Starfighter group is kickin' some imperial butt! Garpino is level 30 thousand something! Logging in many kills on his new ships! For those of you who haven't yet tried starfighter, it will be available soon for everyone's use.

Kheltaras led a team of OBM into the ranked and unranked matches of PvP last Saturday and came away with seven victories! Great job guys! You can see his PvP report in the forums for more details.

Operation Tuesday:

Operation Tuesday went off without too many hitches! What started as an 8 man, due to low attendance, soon shifted to a 16 man Ops, as many members were late coming on to the game. Once everyone was on, OBM plowed through Dread Fortress with a clean sweep and many comms. As that run came to an end, the 16 man turned into an 8 man HM Ops run through the very same Ops, with a full clear through Corruptor Zero. BIG Thanks to Ursa for stepping in with his gunslinger to help team get to CZ!

Operation Wednesday:

Operation Friday was expected to be an 8 man run as a few OBM members had stated that they had prior commitments or last minute engagements that they had to attend to and sure enough, an 8 man Ops was formed...The 8 man team marched its way through the Dread Palace and to Dread Master Tyranus for the weekly, then headed to Makeb to complete the weekly for Toborro's Courtyard. After that run was completed, the 8 man HM team took center stage to continue thier run through DF and Corruptor Zero. This was the first night that the team had to focus on this new boss, and progressed they did. They managed to get CZ down to 50% on thier best attempt, and with a little more research and time in, CZ should be going down, soon!

Thier are still available sign ups ready for this weeks Operation runs! These will be the last scheduled runs for this year, after this week, please feel free to run Ops as you see fit. Our scheduled Ops runs will return upon the new year.


That's it for this week folks! This is Rodie the Rodian, signin' off! Peace!

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