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re: In the News with Rodie the Rodian


Howdy Folks! Lots to talk about this week, so let's get started....


Itsallmine the Update:

Last week, we posted an article wishing one of our founding members a fond farewell as Itsallmine had decided to move on from the guild. Its had also posted a response to the article and for those who read it, know of the reason why he chose to leave. Basically, what started out as a misunderstanding/argument/heated discussion...turned into Its leaving the guild. What we didn't know was that Its had recently been prescribed medication, steroids, to help with his eye condition. No one, not even Its knew that it would effect him in a way that it did. Normally, an issue like this would have been resolved by the two parties talking it out, but before anyone could react, Its was gone. Luckily, Its and Rodie go a looong way back and together, we were able to identify the situation and work toward a resolution. Itsallmine is most concerned about the guild and what has reflected on the guild, he wanted to express his deepest apologies to OBM and is looking to a speedy return to the guild. Its has decided to rejoin the guild once his run of the meds is completed, so that he can begin a 2nd era of helping our guild continue to grow. OBM would like to wish Its a speedy recovery and health and we are all looking forward to seeing you return to the guild!

Guild Meeting:

Last Friday, OBM conducted it's bi-monthly guild meeting. The main topic of the meeting was to discuss and announce the HM Raiding team. It was a very energetic meeting with a lot of OBM members speaking their minds as to the announcement. Speaking of the announcement, it was stated that Friday would become a SM 8 man night, as well as an 8 man hm night, with Tuesday remaining a 16 man night, and Monday was announced second night for the HM team. Some members were not pleased that Friday was one of the days selected, sighting that Friday is one of the biggest participation days that the guild has. Another member expressed that Friday was his only day to raid...It was definitely a great meeting to show how far we have grown together as there were many valid opinions expressed. Ofcourse many months of planning went into this announcement, as the council had called upon the guild to assist in this decision on many occasions. The council knew that there would be a few members that had differences, but the council also knew that not everyone could be pleased. The council attempted to look at as many variables as possible.

As a result of this meeting, the Council has decided to take a second look at the raiding nights, and may have some alternatives to offer...The news now is, stay tuned for more announcements with regards to raiding and schedules.


After the meeting was concluded, OBM conducted a clean run through 16 man Dread Palace. Congratulations go out to Kheltaras, Dinatale, and Gloram for their first completes through the instance! On Tuesday night, OBM completed a 16 man run through Dread Fortress on another clean run. Our HM team did not meet as planned, but will be attempting a run tonight.

New Raid Leaders:

One of the few topics of the guild meeting was our Council Leader D'laan asked the guild members that have shown interest in raiding and has raided for awhile now with OBM to come forward to help with our soon to be new raiding schedule. The Council will do everything that we can to help set up all of the raids, but at the same time, OBM needs some of our members to step up to help lead these runs as well. So, if you feel that you fit this bill, please contact D'laan for more information.

That's it for this week, folks! This is Rodie, signin'off! Peace!

Sign ups are available for Tuesday night and Friday nights runs!

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