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re: Special Report: In the News


Howdy Folks! This is Rodie the Rodian witha Special Report......


Yesterday, a founding member of OBM decided to part ways with our guild and took up residence with SoF. And although the persoanl reason is not important, it is with deep sadness and great respect, that we wish to send off Itsallmine, in our OBM tradition of talking about his history with us...

Itsallmine and I have shared a deep relationship throughout the course of the last Seven years, it started in a land far, far, away until we were both teleported to this galaxy to start anew bond and friendship with OBM. The founding members of OBM were D'laan, Corzan, Itsallmine, Reveon, and Condor, and together we started on this journey to build a community that based on friendship and comaraderie. After two and a half years, that mission has blossomed to what OBM is today.

Back in those days, Itsallmine had the crappiest computer on the planet! Yes, Ursa, even crappier than yours, lol. We would be in Hard Mode Fridays talking about when this reticule pops to move out of the way and Its would sit there thinking...."what the hell are these guys talking about?", soon after, Its went out and took care of the situation by grabbing a solid computer just to play with his friends in this game. When that day occurred, Its went from a so, so, pew pewer, to a really great pew pewer! Sure, because his class roots themselves to the ground when they pew pew, he had some issues with movement, but as Its learned his class, he emerged as one of our top players in the guild!

Its is the type of player who wants to do better, but not by the reason of his own self, but for the reason to help make the team better. It was this attitude that landed him a position on the OBM Council. I'm not gonna lie, Its has a temper, and he lets it show now and then, but we just tell him to drink more and everything works out for the better, lol! Once Its became a Council member, he really showed his ability to help nurture the newer members of the guild. He has every class done so he would use these toons to help his guild mates get gear, relics, they were levelling up, or once they were at end game. Whenever our GM would present an issue, Its was usually the first member to express his opinion, often times it was the course that the guild would go with.

OBM would like to wish Itsallmine the very best, because we know that you are one of the best examples of what OBM stands for and believes in: friendship, community, and organization...Personally Its, our light will always be on to guide you home should the time or need ever arise, good luck to ya brotha!


PS Don't be afraid to say hello in vent sometimes!

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